40,000 years ago, a mysterious people—possibly explorers—lived in Argentina.

Archaeologists have uncovered remarkably well-preserved human remains that date back around 40,000 years in Argentina. These skeletal remains are not only the oldest in Argentina, but could be the oldest human remains ever discovered in South America.

Don’t you just love when archeology digs up something like this? It changes everything, yet it changes nothing,

The more we dig, the more we understand how little we know.

A team of archaeologists led by professor Carlos Aschero had discovered what is believed to be evidence of the oldest human occupation in Argentina, and possibly in South America.

The discovery was made in Antofagasta de la Sierra, a province of Catamarca, Argentina.

Ancient Explorers?

40,000 years ago a group of people—possibly explorers—lived between the northwest of Catamarca and part of Salta, in the area that integrates the salty Puna.


It is unknown how long the group remained in the Argentine Northwest, but their traces were very well preserved in the desert lands, at more than 3,500 meters above sea level.

Antofagasta de la Sierra is almost 600 kilometers north of the capital of Catamarca.

Its climate is rigorous, cold and dry, with minimum temperatures below 0 ºC.

It is precisely the above-mentioned conditions that most likely made it possible for the remains to remain as well preserved as frozen over time.

It was an extensive search.

In fact, researchers excavated 4 kilometers in the upper section of the Punilla River, in a small ravine known as Cacao.

More precisely in a cave which houses a huge variety of rock art and various stone structures.

There, archaeologists recovered two strands of human hair, which had been cut.

They also found stone tools used for cutting and scraping, copper earrings, as well as bone fragments (complete ribs and tooth remains).

Previous to this discovery, the scientific community maintained that the oldest human presence in the area could be traced back around 10,000 years.


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