Researchers exploring parts of the ancient city of Chan Chan have come across mural decoration includes scuts, waves, and representations of the lunar animal, a mythical symbol used by different cultures of northern Peru.

Thousands of years ago, people living on the northern coast of Peru built an imposing ancient city intricately decorated with incredible symbols.

The city is known not only for its symbols and beautiful murals but as well as being the largest city of the pre-Columbian era in South America.

From 900 all the way to 1470, Chan Chan served as the capital of the empire of the Chimor Civilization, who was eventually conquered by the Inca Empire.

Wall motifs found at Chan Chan
Image Credit: Ministry of Culture of Peru

And while we thought we knew just about everything about this ancient city, experts have just announced they’ve discovered a new set of amazing murals and corridors in the Walls of the ‘mud city’ of Chan Chan.

The discovery was made in Utzh An or Gran Chimú, one of the ten walled palaces of the citadel adjacent to the city of Trujillo, 570 km north of Lima.


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