Egyptian archaeologists have made two important discoveries in Upper Egypt. Archaeologists have unearthed an extremely rare bust of Ancient Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, as well as one of the most important shrines to the God Osiris dating back to the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

Experts found a sculptural head of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and the remains of the temple of Osiris, built, presumably, in the seventh century BC.

As Dr. Aymen Ashmawi of Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities points out, the finding is unique, as archaeologists rarely discover sculptural images of Marcus Aurelius.

Emperor Marcus Aurelius reigned in the years 161-180 of our era.

He paid a lot of attention to laws and education.

The Bust of Marcus Aurelius discovered in Aswan.

He founded several philosophical schools, he also supported children from low-income families and orphans.

Despite his peaceful nature, Marcus Aurelius successfully fought the war against the Sarmatians, and the Germanic tribes, as well as the Parthians.

The emperor left a collection of philosophical thoughts, whose translations are more common under the title “Meditations“.

The sculpted head of Marco Aurelio with a beard and curly hair was found in Aswan, Egypt, in the temple of Kom Ombo, built around 180-47 BC, under the Ptolemies.

Initially, the temple was divided into two parts, one of which was dedicated to the god Sobek and the other to the god Horus.


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